Genesis Oceania is your partner to support the transformation of your business operations and energize your front line teams, business partners and ultimately shareholders. With extensive experience working in Asia and Australia, these are areas of our priority and expertise.

    Specialising in enhancing businesses with branded multi-site operations in fuel, convenience, auto servicing, food, coffee, or retail high street. Whether it be optimising existing business models, operations or implementing new strategies, we know that growth and sustainable results require certain formulas for success.

    Genesis can help with the many challenges of delivering operational excellence and keeping your head office and front line teams fully energised and empowered to delight your customers. Empowered, cared for teams are the key ingredient to a successful business so we focus on ‘people’ solutions improving flexibility, accountabilities and outcomes.

    Is your business planning on acquiring a network, new business or new sites and need experienced expertise? We can help by preparing and performing due diligence through to transition planning and interim management if necessary.

    With a wide range of experience in creating new businesses through to re-inventing mature businesses we can help captivate more customers and value. Our passion is on sustainable business GROWTH by addressing the challenges your customers and business partners are facing. Providing relevant programs for a clear focus to delight your customers and business partners allows your entire organisation to align its existing or new priorities. We work with clients who want to establish, improve, transform or re-invent their multi-site retail business structure and operations in an efficient, fun and rewarding way.

    Our Approach

    We seek to understand your business challenges, constraints and objectives by working initially with your management team to establish agreed outcomes and implementation plan.

    We know your team’s time is valuable and the reward is to realise the benefit of changes quickly. Our focus is on delivering sustainable results that are fast within your operating environment rather than in presentation packs.

    Our level of involvement will be based on your requirements and your available manpower; from end to end delivery through to supporting and coaching your team leaders or management team to deliver on agreed plans. Genesis has access to individual specialists with global experience to deliver the support that is required for each Client providing seamless solutions. We operate as an extension of your team to ensure that the insights and programs are run from within each business and your teams own the objectives and programs.


    Grant McGregor is the Executive Director of Genesis Oceania. More than 26 years including senior executive positions within the world’s largest and most recognised branded fuel, food and convenience business. A people and results focussed retail leader with extensive experience living and working in Australia, Asia and Europe. Proven capability in senior management roles at local, regional and global levels.

    He is alive to customer challenges and has a passion to innovate and optimise creating radical and sustainable business improvements. Recognised and comfortable in many complex retail environments including franchise, company operations, licensing, alliances, and JV’S.

    Why us?

    With more than 26 years personally developing and growing convenience, food and retail businesses with one of the world’s largest brands, it’s time to share the passion and management expertise with others. Experience built from local, regional and global positions in Asia, Australia, Europe and America in some of the most challenging environments where creative solutions and breakthrough results were achieved.

    Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, improve the happiness of your customers, teams, business partners and support your team to greater success and profitability.