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    With more than 26 years developing and growing convenience, food and retail businesses with one of the world’s largest brands, its time to share the passion and management expertise with others. Experience built from local, regional and global positions in Asia, Australia, Europe and America in some of the most challenging environments where creative solutions and breakthrough results were achieved. Genesis has been provided growth expertise to multiple global and local businesses in Myanmar, Philippines, India and Australia.

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    Grant McGregor is the Executive Director of Genesis Oceania.  More than 26 years including senior executive positions within the world’s largest and most recognised branded fuel, food and convenience business. A people and results focussed retail leader with extensive experience living and working in Australia, Asia and Europe. Proven capability in senior management roles at local, regional and global levels.

    He is alive to customer and organisational challenges and has a passion to innovate and optimise creating radical and sustainable business improvements. Recognised and comfortable in many complex retail environments including franchise, company operations, licensing, alliances, and JV.

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